Prague's subway map

Prague subway map is a diagram showing the lines and stations of the Prague subway.
They run through the beautiful city of Prague and make it easy to reach the most famous buildings in the city.
The subway lines are identified by distinct colors for better legibility of your route. Some lines allow you to connect to other forms of public transportation such as trams or buses.
There's nothing like visiting the city of Prague without being stuck in traffic. Less polluting, less tiring, opt for the subway and other public transportation. It is now an essential means of transportation for travel in a large city like Prague.

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Prague Subway's map
Prague Subway's map

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More information about the Prague Metro

The Prague Metro consists of three metro lines.
The Prague metropolitan network spans over 65 km of tracks with 61 stations. You can travel on the first metro from 04:30 or catch the last metro at 1:15 in the morning.

It is modern and comfortable. The stations are colorful and clean. You'll see incredible things like the longest escalator in the world. It also has numerous stations accessible to people with disabilities.

Metro Ticket Prices

The price of a metro ticket is €1.2 for 30 minutes of travel. There is also a transport ticket for €1.6 for 90 minutes of travel.

You can opt for day passes for €4.8 or three-day passes for €13.2.

Line A

Prague Metro's Line A connects Nemocnice Motol to Depo Hostivař. It has 17 stops, covering over 17 km of tracks. 5 new stations are also under construction.

Line B

Prague Metro's Line B connects Černý Most to Zličín. It has 24 stations, covering over 25 km of tracks.

Line C

Prague Metro's Line C connects Letňany to Háje. It has 20 stations, covering over 20 km of tracks.

Easily travel by subway to Prague

The subway, short for "metropolitan railway," is a form of urban public transportation that allows you to travel through different metropolitan areas around the world without driving. No more endless traffic jams during rush hour. Taking public transportation or taking the subway has become very easy today. La carte de métro est téléchargeable ou accessible en ligne. The subway ticket can be purchased at the counter or with your phone. The price of tickets is more affordable than a taxi and more environmentally friendly.