Naples's subway map

Naples subway map is a diagram showing the lines and stations of the Naples subway.
They run through the beautiful city of Naples and make it easy to reach the most famous buildings in the city.
The subway lines are identified by distinct colors for better legibility of your route. Some lines allow you to connect to other forms of public transportation such as trams or buses.
There's nothing like visiting the city of Naples without being stuck in traffic. Less polluting, less tiring, opt for the subway and other public transportation. It is now an essential means of transportation for travel in a large city like Naples.

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Naples Subway's map
Naples Subway's map

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More Information About the Naples Metro

The metro in the city of Naples has only 3 metro lines. The total length of the rail network is divided into 41 stations.

Metro trains operate from 6:20 am in the morning to 10:20 pm in the evening, so be sure to plan an alternative like a taxi if your evening extends beyond that time.

The Naples Metro is very affordable, and it would be a shame to miss out. Public transportation tickets are valid for all metro and bus journeys, among others.

  • €1.10: Ticket price
  • €4.50: Day pass
  • €16: 7-day pass
  • Free for children under 6 years old

Line 1 of the Naples Metro

Line 1, also known as the "Art Metro," was last extended in 2021.
It has 18 stations and will take you to the central station, especially for trips to Pompeii. The Naples Metro started its service recently in 1993.

Line 2

Line 2 was inaugurated in 1925 and consists of 12 metro stations.

Line 6

Line 6 was inaugurated in 2006 and consists of 4 metro stations. The Line 6 metro is not yet in its final version, which should connect to the city center in the future.

Easily travel by subway to Naples

The subway, short for "metropolitan railway," is a form of urban public transportation that allows you to travel through different metropolitan areas around the world without driving. No more endless traffic jams during rush hour. Taking public transportation or taking the subway has become very easy today. La carte de métro est téléchargeable ou accessible en ligne. The subway ticket can be purchased at the counter or with your phone. The price of tickets is more affordable than a taxi and more environmentally friendly.